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Every body can enjoy movement, improved health, less pain and better mobility.  I take what your healthcare provider has given you and turn it into something manageable for you.  I serve as your guide and coach, keeping you accountable.   

My tools and training are: Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Post-Rehab Exercise, Body Work (e.g. Hot Stone Therapy), Neurophysiology and holistic nutrition. No matter what's in your way right now, we will find a solution, together.  Quality over quantity is at the forefront of my work.


Experiencing a program with me will improve your strength, balance and co-ordination.  We work safely, mindfully and sustainably.  All this is without the fear of injury or relapse.  My track record for injury is 0%.

Chronic pain, joint issues, frequent infections and mood disorders are improved through the right kind of movement.  I urge you to try 4-8 weeks with me and see the difference for yourself.

Each client is unique. No matter your age, there is still lots to learn.  Thank you for considering my service to help you manage your wellbeing through informed and tailored movement.

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