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Blossom Yoga

Blossom to your fullest potential.  I created this hybrid of self-care, Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga to address the average Westerner's needs which included:  coming to Yoga as an Adult, addressing the needs of isolated populations such as  people with chronic medical issues, and people with mental health issues.


This became a well-funded project by the European Union in 2006.  I opened my first 'Blossom Studio' in Dundee, Scotland in a GP practice for pregnant teens and young women's health issues.


Initially, I served the needs of young Mums (hence, Blossom), which stemmed out of my work with excluded youth (young men). 


Eventually Blossom Studio became a safe-space for women newcomers to the area, many acclimating to their new country.  I also began working as a Community Development worker for the local Council.


Blossom Studio quickly became a safe-haven for women in poverty, overburdened, over-stressed, often in impossible situations, who did not need to pay for Yoga and could develop the practice while meeting the their family needs, AND have on-site access to community services.


Until 2010, this project continued and then morphed into several other services including: Scotland's first Hot Yoga Studio, and later on Fuzion Fitness & Yoga Studio in Scarborough, Ontario, the place where I grew up, and so did my new business partner, who lovingly continues her offerings under this trade name.

Now, I teach Blossom Yoga on a mobile basis and in my specially-prepared home studio in Toronto, mostly focusing on people who are healing body and mind. 


I recently rebranded as 'Mobile Fitness' to encompass all of the work I am currently doing.  See more about Blossom Yoga on my socials.

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