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Andrea Leplae, HBSc, BEd, FIS, OAS, FFY, FP, CPR

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Movement truly is medicine.

Movement practice is beneficial to our co-ordination, balance, ability to do things we need to do,  as well as to our mental well-being.

Mindful movement is a mainstay of anyone's healing journey.  Early on in my Fitness Career, I realized how beneficial therapeutic movement was.  In 1993, I took my first Fitness Instructor qualification, and quickly progressed to Older Adult Specialist,

and Fitness Instructor for people with mobility issue.  With a degree in Physiology and decades of Yoga Practice, I also became a Yoga Teacher and Matwork Pilates Instructor.  In 2002, I began devoting all my professional time to serving people with medical concerns, opening a Post-Rehab Exercise practice in a GP office in Dundee, Scotland in 2007.  I have since owned and operated one other commercial clinic (Scarborough, Canada).  I now work individually with clients in their homes, on Zoom or at their condo gyms.

In addition to the work I do with individuals, I am available to hire for corporate, education and medical facility programs.

I have experience teaching Fitness Professionals, PSW's, Recreation workers, and can design programs/courses for professionals or client groups within facilities (e.g. a Physiotherapist's clinic).

Some of my experience:

  •  In 2021, I co-wrote the National Osteoarthritis Fitness Program for Bone & Joint Canada.

  • Nominated twice for National Fitness Instructor of the Year Award (2020 and 2021,Canada).

  •  T.I.M.E. for post-rehab stroke patients in partnership with U.H.N. (University Health Network) and City of Toronto (2012-2019)

  • Chair Fitness & Pilates, SMART START for people with mobility issues at City of Toronto (2010-2019)

  • Teenage Pregnancy and Young Mom's Yoga and Pilates for Hawkhill Medical Centre (U.K. 2007-2010)  

  • Breast Cancer Wellness programs at Torbay Hospital, U.K.(2001-2006)

  • Circuits  and Yoga for Adults with Learning Difficulties, in Adult Education Dawlish UK and PVCRC in Toronto

  • Fitness for MS Society (1990's)

  • Corporate Wellness programs delivered to Royal Canin, Property Management groups, WestPark and Crossey Engineering

I take individual referrals from Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and G.P.'s. 

Feel free to have your medical professional refer you to me by email.

I also offer hands-on treatments to my personal training clients, having qualified and become experienced in: 

Shiatsu, Thai Yoga Massage, Indian Head Massage, Myofasical massage, Passive Stretching and Hot Stone Therapy 

These can further decrease chronic pain, promote joint function and allow for healing.   I have studied Ayurveda since 2018.

I am compassionate, motivating, committed and want to bring JOY to your (or your loved ones) life, at any age.

 I look forward to meeting with you and discussing your specific needs.

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